Nobody Qualify

Recently I got stucked in my Spirit because I felt ‘ why do the same thing other people are doing! why worship when there are lots of people who do it better! Has God ever recieved my worship considering all these God’s Big shots who are reckoned with in the matters of worship who are weigh ahead of me! What chance do I stand and what would be the quality of my worship contribution? This mindset affected me gravely, and it soon dawned on me that worship is the ONLY avenue through which Man can access God and God most, if not all of the times will always be with a man who is in constant commioun with Him. Even our faith cannot move God if it is not translated through worship. God told me that He knows am bored going round the circles, he told me we might be doing similar things, but the translations and waves He recieves from the Holy Spirit on behalf of the persons emitting worship are weigh different, unique and dynamic to the worshiper that’s why Nobody Can represent you in worship No matter how well they do it better than you, No matter their positions spiritual and physical, no matter their possessions, level of Education and connections. If they can represnt you in worship then it means I have no need of you in the earth, it means you are useless to me on earth.
Why would God waste His time creating cheffs who cook the same type of food, the same way, the same taste everyday, serving Him in the same plate. Uniqueness of fragrance is one of the major spice of worship that accompanys your purity to God! This revelation inspired the Song! NOBODY QUALIFY! Credits to one of our Word&SoundArmy who Played the keyboard in the SONG!
GABRIEL AHMADU. God bless you! And my thank you goes to my Bosses in the Audio Music production arena who helped to check and criticize the work! DUSUPAMAN&BENJAMIN BOTSON AKA BEN. VEE Finally if you haven’t downloaded this song, you yet another opportunity to do so Now! copy the link below to google and enter!👇


something5225572417824716444.jpgPst Emmanuel Itodo releases this firy Holy Spirit inspired Sound, to reposition and help us ultimately focus on Jesus in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic currently ravaging the our world.

This Song Banishes every doubt and fear reigniting and increasing faith through prayer.

He features Wordsmith who is also the producer of the song!


P. R. A. Y. E. R. LYRICS
Na prayer we come pray today oh God! With everything wey dey happen, Lord we don taya, na him make we come to seek your face oh God!

Shebi you say, you go be my provider, shebi you say you go be my defender,
Shebi you say you go be my defender, shebi you say you go be my deliverer,
Why ebi like say you no dey save again, why ebi like say you don leave me alone, why ebi like say you no dey heal again, why ebi like say you don leave us alone

Abegi make your light shine oh, abegi make your light oh oh oh
Abegi make your face shine oh! Abegi make your face shine oh oh oh!

You promise me say you go dey my side o.
Come rain come shine you dey with me I no go run and hide o!
I go stand still dey looku as you dey fight my battle,
And no matter wetin happen, I no go loose I go always win o!
So! we no go run away na here we dey Kamkpe!
We choose to talk to this mountain, who be you for our Papa side yeh eeh eh!
Lift up your ugly head, this one too will surely pass. Oh!
We will lift up our hands and raise our voice and shout halleluyah!

Abegi make your light shine oh, abegi make your light oh oh oh
Abegi make your face shine oh! Abegi make your face shine oh oh oh!
(Adlips&basking in tongues)

Saturate the earth Yahweh,
Saturate the earth with your light! (2times)
Aah aah aah aah aah
Eeh eeh,
Aah aah aah aah aah
Eeh eeh,

Abegi make your light shine oh, abegi make your light oh oh oh
Abegi make your face shine oh! Abegi make your face shine oh oh oh!

Consuming Fire by Snow Praise.

Good Day friends, let me apologize for being absent here for a while, I can assure you that my absence is for a greater good and upgrade of quality content.

Today I present a new E.p released for your free download and consumption.

This one is by SNOW PRAISE he titles it Conzuming 🔥.

This release is very special to me

For two reasons;


2. This would be my very first self produced work since I started learning audio production.

I am so excited…to finally get my first work out….please feel free to comment. Thank you.

Promise Dan Asukwo Whose stage moniker is Snow Praise is an indigene of Akwa ibom.

Snow Praise is a Worship Leader, Music Director, A psychologist and a friend to many.

He’s currently working with an NGO Alive
Consuming Fire is one of his First single and the single Expresses Gods Sovereignty and ultimate power over every situation, challenges of life.

Snow Praise by God’s Grace is the Vision bearer of The Gathering Of Worshippers an annual worship gathering In the City of Jos, plateau Nigeria.

He has share the Same Platform with Solomon Lange, Prosper ochiamana, Monique and so many anointed gospel music Ministers

The single, Consuming fire is produced by Mr. Wordsmith Benedict.

Snow Praise is currently Base in Jos and Abuja

To connect with Him;

IG Snow Praise

Below is the download details and lyrics of the Song. Conzuming 🔥.


All Consuming Fire
Reliable Jesus
Intentional God o
That’s just who you’re

Dependable o
All sufficient God
Eti -E Mi o (My Father)
You’re the. mighty Man of War.

Oh oh oh
All consuming Fire
Reliable Jesus
Intentional God o
We call you by your name oh oh

Dependable God o
All sufficient God
Eti – EMi o (My Father).
You’re the Mighty Man of war.*2

There’s Fire in your Eyes o
You’re soaring in the Wing of the Wind

Your voice resound like thunder.

Unto you this Worship I bring
All consuming Fir-eee
Unchangeable changer
Eti-EMi o (My Father)
You’re the mighty of War.

Who can’t battle with the Lord?
Every time he send his Word.
Unchangeable changer
Unshakable Shaker
Eti-EMi o (My Father)

You’re the mighty man of War.(Repeat Chorus)

You’re the mighty man of war Eti- EMi o (My Father)*3

Who can Negotiate your sovereignty Baba

AFO onu uka Ma uyong
Afo onu oyong Ma isong eeh
Eti- EMi o (My Father)

There’s nobody like you o
Yesterday, Today and forever more

You’re moving mountains
You’re the Living Fountain
And at the E-nd
You’re the Last man standing..
The trees ‘dey’ clap for you
My heart ‘dey’ sing for you
Eti-EMi o (My father)
You’re the mighty man of war

You’re the All consuming fire (Repeat chorus)
Nobody like you o
Nothing you no fit do.

Ebak- salaso ovu.
(Repeat chorus)



warrWordsmith Releases another Spirit steering prophetic sound for those who understand the times and seasons. He Projects JESUS CHRIST!!! YESHUWA the KING OF KINGS AS THE FINAL REFEREE who silences and makes null and void the strategies of the wicked one and His Agents over the nations of the earth. THE KING OF KINGS CANNOT BE CONQUERED, HE REMAINS UNBEATABLE FOREVER. The Enemy remains perpetually defeated even before the commencement of The WAR!! We are MORE THAN CONQUERORS. PSALMS 2!!

oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!  He that dwells in the secret place of the Most high, surely shall abide, under the shadow!! shadow of the almighty yeah!!!
Why do the heathens rage? why do the waste their time with futile plans?the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and His anointed ONE! “let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us” but HE who seats in the heavens shall laugh, the LORD shall hold them in derision, then HE shall speak to them in His wrath and distress them in His deep displeasure, yet I have set my KING my chosen KING on the Holy hill of Nigeria!!
You’re the Highest, You’re the widest, You’re the deepest!! ( yes you are oh God yeah) You’re the highest, you’re the widest, you’re the deepest. ( can nobody stand you oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I will declare the decree of the Lord,thou art my son today I have begotten thee, ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for thy inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession, whose report would you believe? but HE who seats in the heavens shall laugh, the LORD shall hold them in derision, then HE shall speak to them in His wrath and distress them in His deep displeasure, yet I have set my KING my chosen KING and the government is upon His Shoulder!!
You’re the Highest, You’re the widest, You’re the deepest!!You’re the highest, you’re the widest, you’re the deepest.
Yeshuwa! Yeshuwa!\Zakin Yahuza, Yahuza!!!Yeshuwa! Yeshuwa!Zakin Yahuza, Yahuza!!!Yeshuwa! Yeshuwa!Zakin Yahuza, Yahuza!!!Lion of Judah, Lion Judah!!!Lion of Judah, Lion Judah!!!(Nobody can stand the KING)
CHORUS & VARIATION@the same time oh oh oh oh oh oh ohYou’re the highest, and widest and the deepest!!!!
All Right reserved®Word&Sound




Green Grass Field during Sunset

These people are hell bent, we have not yet learnt,

So they will kill again, and because they have people in key and high places

The soldiers will help them kill again, and we will lose again

Wearing black clothes to protest in the town again,

And the puppet government will go out to arrest the protesters again,

Ransacking the remnant homes of attacked victims in search of weapons again, allowing the known perpetrators to go rampaging again,

Taking the lands of the people by grabs again,

And we only resume keeping watch again, when we are attacked.

Then the perpetrator will mastermind and use the puppet government,

To dramatize the arrest of 11 or 12 culprits on T.V to deceive the World again,

or better still find someone to implicate again in order to divert the world’s attention,

And when the world is at ease they will set the culprits free through the back door again and hired them to carry out another cleansing again, and the puppet government will go to the IDPs again, to show concern and ‘share in their grieves’ again after assisting the perpetrators to turn the inhabitants into a refugees in their home Land bringing along with them Bags of Rice and relief materials, so that the helpless and hungry inhabitant refugees will eat and believe their lies again.

And they know that we will only always ‘’Pray’’ for ‘PEACE’ to return again,

working for peace is a ‘SIN’ ‘’ Just seat back and watch them kill you is!! “is how to win”

And God will ‘come down again’ to do the work our brains can do for us

Because He (GOD) made us all ‘Lame’ “He made us to be recklessly killed by fellow Men”

Again! Let’s all recall that Ishmael has never been peaceful

They come to plead with you to give them ‘Zango’ to rear and sell their cows,

But remember ‘Zango’ means Colony, that’s how Kaduna gave ”Zangon kataf” local government.. Selah!

And yet Israel surrounded by Ishmaels, remains a dominant force and terribly feared because they don’t just pray again when they are attacked.

Every Life in Israel matters, but every now and then we seek protection from the ones who keep selling us out for power and political relevance.

And we become professional losers, only seating back to weep and receive condolences even from the very enemy who stripes us of our right to life, because of the wicked notion that they are the only ones destined to rule and dominate.

We stay losers yet again, because all we do is only pray, and all they do is pray and strategize

Again ‘’ Pray without ceasing’’ don’t mean that work is underrated.

It means that prayer should move you to work.  Faith without works is death…

54 communities taken and they won’t stop, because they know that we do nothing.

They want your Land that’s how they dominate,

I wish saying God forbid will save the day and restore Real Peace from Justice.

And the Vicious Cycle of Again Continues again until we do something about it …Selah!!!



It was summer again, away from home,
and I was about to clock 30,
so I decided to stay locked in,
stopped and took stock of my life
Apparently, I felt proud, seeing
how thus far, I have come,
Everything was gradually falling in place,
But my relationship!!
I am a firm believer in Jesus, yet my relationship won’t work out.

I served under a few mentors, who would always Look at me and tell me

” Smith You Must Marry the Right Person”

I was confused all of the times they’d tell me that but I refused to get clearance from them in that regard. I thought to myself ”The Lady I am seeing is a beautiful person so’.? But somewhere, peace was far away…some where in there, something didn’t fit in.
My relationship was struggling to breathe! Off and on! on and off!
Until it started to affect my commitment to other key things and activities in my life.
So I decided to quit and stay without getting into any new relationship. I Learned how to be emotionally disciplined in that land far away from Home, I Had my peace for a short while. Until I got to this point of stock taking.
Then I prayed a prayer,
‘‘ Dear Lord God, I need a woman
not just a woman, I
need you to send me My wife,
and I want to meet with her in my
seating room on or before the end of summer. When she comes around, let me know she’s the one amongst
others. I have kept you out of this part
of my life and…..It has not paid off, now I invite you to take charge. Thank you                          Lord Jesus”
God answered my request shortly after.
On my 31st birthday, My father called to bless me, after blessing me, he asked, ” “Son is there a Woman in your life”?

I was surprised to hear that coming from my Dad for the first time since I was born so I had to look at the phone again to be sure it was My Father calling I Was scared to answer at first but I did.

I told him she’s not a Nigerian. I was glad he gave me his approval…after finding out other details.
As time went…the enemy used the very people who were suppose to serve as encouragement to frustrate the relationship but it grew stronger…Many statements were made behind me, those who had the courage to faced me told me faith strangling words even some of my church leaders. I was threatened and frightened, yet unshaken.

My conviction was so strong, even before the confirmations from many quarters came…
Yet I had friends who won’t let me down, they believed in my conviction even when they couldn’t see what I was seeing. They prayed, they gave and they encouraged.

I was done with Masters and wanted to Stay back to nurture the new relationship but God asked me to leave. I refused to leave because I couldn’t stand breaking another promise, but God used His servant from the U.S I have never met before to remind me to go home in the exact words God told me in the Secret, So I struck a deal with God to see to it that I fulfill the promise I made to HER by that harbour.

Being a Nigerian, It was tough on me when I came back home, people began to query my relationship with a Zimbabwean, even pastors told me is it that girls have finished in Nigeria? ,others told me that I wanted to prove a point, others wondered how I’d pull through. I was scared too just thinking about how I’d pull through considering my financial capacity. I prayed! cried sometimes, my faith failed, but would carry a brave outlook. Painful yes! But I decided to go the God way…. believing it will pay off. It been exactly 5years apart, distance bonded our heads and hearts.

Now Look at what my Conviction has brought me, I am sticking with it for the rest of my life because my destiny depends on this too. I still have a lot to learn on this new track. But right here! right now! I have found so much peace in this Woman because STACY My Wife, is God’s Most precious gift to Me. Let it be on record that today the 8th of April 2018, I choose to #STAYSMITH by the grace of that same God that have been with me since birth.
I am very stubborn when it comes to Chasing after my dreams, don’t waste your time trying to talk me out of it. it’s already DONE. Most times, Destiny is far away from Home!!
Thank you all for all the contributions you made to my beautiful life till now..I have become more stubborn, knowing that “sweet and bitter makes life better.”
From now henceforth I declare that I forever STAYSMITH! Finally! no one understands your dream better than you and when it is God-given and inspired, it will not cease to Manifest. Involve God in Everything and not people. My testimony has just began.



Wordsmith drops this one He calls Symphony…..this song for Him is his conclusion looking back and seeing how thus he has come, He makes reference to The Love , grace and Mercies of God pulling him through from birth to childhood to teen and now on the finish line of bachelorhood. You can almost see his heart expressed in this song fetching words from different Nigerian Languages…this song is dynamically brewed to help man see how always helpless he remains without God.

He releases two versions of the same song.

Download Here


This na my! na my! testimony,
Of how Jehovah changed my story
And all of the people that use to know me ye?ah ..oh oh


They can bearly recognize me
Na grace and mercy Yeshuwa dey show me, wey commot the hold up wey bin dey slow me down
Ya chire mani wawanci,
No time for doubting, am flaunting, and bouncing.. Cuz my mountains are moving. the dark clouds are clearing
This na my testimony!
No darkness holding me down! cuz
am kingdom, the crown is my heritage,
this God is too good oo
I never see this kind of love before
I never see this kind of love before.
When everybody write me off,
You opened your door,
And even when I break your heart,
You said am worth dying for..
(Ibuchim oo Ekwueme)2x
(Na you dey do me wellu wellu)3x
When I rise, I will rise up to you,
In the times I fall I will fall back to you God,
In you I find expression
what can I do without you,
Kai ne hawa da Sauka na
Yesu ba mai kamar ka , Abagaidunashin. Yeeah
The God whose silence is dangerous, and He?s more than a mighty force, eh eh eh, I no know wetin I do! wey make you love me so! baffle me!
Your the first king, the last king, your my blessing, your main thing in the whole thing!!

Watch out for ‘DROP THAT’ ! BY DUSUPAMAN

WordandSoundRevelation presents 

Dusu Moses Pam, popularly known as Dusupaman. He is the deputy commander in chief of the word and Sound Revelation forces. A blood washed naturally born architect, a producer, and a Lover of Jesus is at it again and this time,he has to decided speak up against alcohol and drugs abuse in the EP  he titles “DROP THAT” dropping on the 18th of October 2017 which happens to be his birthday.

“Strong drink is not meant for kings kings” Proverbs 31

# lets countdown for the release of this Electronic press kit DROP THAT!! 

Not Alone ft Sele

This is another power packed life giving mind renewing and imparting song from word&SoundRevelation Inc. to strengthen, encourage, increase your faith and remind you that your Security for life and godliness is in Looking unto and Loving hard on Jesus (God) without which we’ll become aimless in life and prey in the enemy’s hands. Wordsmith Benedict draws his inspiration from Romans 8: 1, 28 to 34. “What then shall we say concerning this things, If God be for us who can be against Us?” …..” For all things works together for good to them that love God and are called according to His Purpose.” In his usual manner of mentoring the next generation, Wordsmith decides to feature His Student SElE JOHN… Do you Love JESUS? If yes!!! then this song is for you. If no!! listening to this song will make you change your mind!! Be Blessed.




I don’t know What tomorrow holds,It may be warm, it may be cold, but I know who holds tomorrow,and am leaning on HIS everlasting arm, olowogbogboro is working for my good.





All things are working for me, working!working, for my good, All things are working for me, working! Working, for my good,


Now that you’re left alone to face the world,Life will unfold with many rise and falls, but it would be okay, if your life is in the potter’s hands, he’d be transforming you into a perfect shape, don’t you give up on God, cuz he’ll be working for Good.





All things are working for me, working!working, for my good, All things are working for me, working! Working, for my good,


Watch and pray!pray, watch and pray!pray work and …watch and pray!pray, watch and pray!pray Work and….





All things are working for me, working!working, for my good, All things are working for me, working! Working, for my good.
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