Green Grass Field during Sunset

These people are hell bent, we have not yet learnt,

So they will kill again, and because they have people in key and high places

The soldiers will help them kill again, and we will lose again

Wearing black clothes to protest in the town again,

And the puppet government will go out to arrest the protesters again,

Ransacking the remnant homes of attacked victims in search of weapons again, allowing the known perpetrators to go rampaging again,

Taking the lands of the people by grabs again,

And we only resume keeping watch again, when we are attacked.

Then the perpetrator will mastermind and use the puppet government,

To dramatize the arrest of 11 or 12 culprits on T.V to deceive the World again,

or better still find someone to implicate again in order to divert the world’s attention,

And when the world is at ease they will set the culprits free through the back door again and hired them to carry out another cleansing again, and the puppet government will go to the IDPs again, to show concern and ‘share in their grieves’ again after assisting the perpetrators to turn the inhabitants into a refugees in their home Land bringing along with them Bags of Rice and relief materials, so that the helpless and hungry inhabitant refugees will eat and believe their lies again.

And they know that we will only always ‘’Pray’’ for ‘PEACE’ to return again,

working for peace is a ‘SIN’ ‘’ Just seat back and watch them kill you is!! “is how to win”

And God will ‘come down again’ to do the work our brains can do for us

Because He (GOD) made us all ‘Lame’ “He made us to be recklessly killed by fellow Men”

Again! Let’s all recall that Ishmael has never been peaceful

They come to plead with you to give them ‘Zango’ to rear and sell their cows,

But remember ‘Zango’ means Colony, that’s how Kaduna gave ”Zangon kataf” local government.. Selah!

And yet Israel surrounded by Ishmaels, remains a dominant force and terribly feared because they don’t just pray again when they are attacked.

Every Life in Israel matters, but every now and then we seek protection from the ones who keep selling us out for power and political relevance.

And we become professional losers, only seating back to weep and receive condolences even from the very enemy who stripes us of our right to life, because of the wicked notion that they are the only ones destined to rule and dominate.

We stay losers yet again, because all we do is only pray, and all they do is pray and strategize

Again ‘’ Pray without ceasing’’ don’t mean that work is underrated.

It means that prayer should move you to work.  Faith without works is death…

54 communities taken and they won’t stop, because they know that we do nothing.

They want your Land that’s how they dominate,

I wish saying God forbid will save the day and restore Real Peace from Justice.

And the Vicious Cycle of Again Continues again until we do something about it …Selah!!!



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