It was summer again, away from home,
and I was about to clock 30,
so I decided to stay locked in,
stopped and took stock of my life
Apparently, I felt proud, seeing
how thus far, I have come,
Everything was gradually falling in place,
But my relationship!!
I am a firm believer in Jesus, yet my relationship won’t work out.

I served under a few mentors, who would always Look at me and tell me

” Smith You Must Marry the Right Person”

I was confused all of the times they’d tell me that but I refused to get clearance from them in that regard. I thought to myself ”The Lady I am seeing is a beautiful person so’.? But somewhere, peace was far away…some where in there, something didn’t fit in.
My relationship was struggling to breathe! Off and on! on and off!
Until it started to affect my commitment to other key things and activities in my life.
So I decided to quit and stay without getting into any new relationship. I Learned how to be emotionally disciplined in that land far away from Home, I Had my peace for a short while. Until I got to this point of stock taking.
Then I prayed a prayer,
‘‘ Dear Lord God, I need a woman
not just a woman, I
need you to send me My wife,
and I want to meet with her in my
seating room on or before the end of summer. When she comes around, let me know she’s the one amongst
others. I have kept you out of this part
of my life and…..It has not paid off, now I invite you to take charge. Thank you                          Lord Jesus”
God answered my request shortly after.
On my 31st birthday, My father called to bless me, after blessing me, he asked, ” “Son is there a Woman in your life”?

I was surprised to hear that coming from my Dad for the first time since I was born so I had to look at the phone again to be sure it was My Father calling I Was scared to answer at first but I did.

I told him she’s not a Nigerian. I was glad he gave me his approval…after finding out other details.
As time went…the enemy used the very people who were suppose to serve as encouragement to frustrate the relationship but it grew stronger…Many statements were made behind me, those who had the courage to faced me told me faith strangling words even some of my church leaders. I was threatened and frightened, yet unshaken.

My conviction was so strong, even before the confirmations from many quarters came…
Yet I had friends who won’t let me down, they believed in my conviction even when they couldn’t see what I was seeing. They prayed, they gave and they encouraged.

I was done with Masters and wanted to Stay back to nurture the new relationship but God asked me to leave. I refused to leave because I couldn’t stand breaking another promise, but God used His servant from the U.S I have never met before to remind me to go home in the exact words God told me in the Secret, So I struck a deal with God to see to it that I fulfill the promise I made to HER by that harbour.

Being a Nigerian, It was tough on me when I came back home, people began to query my relationship with a Zimbabwean, even pastors told me is it that girls have finished in Nigeria? ,others told me that I wanted to prove a point, others wondered how I’d pull through. I was scared too just thinking about how I’d pull through considering my financial capacity. I prayed! cried sometimes, my faith failed, but would carry a brave outlook. Painful yes! But I decided to go the God way…. believing it will pay off. It been exactly 5years apart, distance bonded our heads and hearts.

Now Look at what my Conviction has brought me, I am sticking with it for the rest of my life because my destiny depends on this too. I still have a lot to learn on this new track. But right here! right now! I have found so much peace in this Woman because STACY My Wife, is God’s Most precious gift to Me. Let it be on record that today the 8th of April 2018, I choose to #STAYSMITH by the grace of that same God that have been with me since birth.
I am very stubborn when it comes to Chasing after my dreams, don’t waste your time trying to talk me out of it. it’s already DONE. Most times, Destiny is far away from Home!!
Thank you all for all the contributions you made to my beautiful life till now..I have become more stubborn, knowing that “sweet and bitter makes life better.”
From now henceforth I declare that I forever STAYSMITH! Finally! no one understands your dream better than you and when it is God-given and inspired, it will not cease to Manifest. Involve God in Everything and not people. My testimony has just began.


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