Wordsmith drops this one He calls Symphony…..this song for Him is his conclusion looking back and seeing how thus he has come, He makes reference to The Love , grace and Mercies of God pulling him through from birth to childhood to teen and now on the finish line of bachelorhood. You can almost see his heart expressed in this song fetching words from different Nigerian Languages…this song is dynamically brewed to help man see how always helpless he remains without God.

He releases two versions of the same song.

Download Here


This na my! na my! testimony,
Of how Jehovah changed my story
And all of the people that use to know me ye?ah ..oh oh


They can bearly recognize me
Na grace and mercy Yeshuwa dey show me, wey commot the hold up wey bin dey slow me down
Ya chire mani wawanci,
No time for doubting, am flaunting, and bouncing.. Cuz my mountains are moving. the dark clouds are clearing
This na my testimony!
No darkness holding me down! cuz
am kingdom, the crown is my heritage,
this God is too good oo
I never see this kind of love before
I never see this kind of love before.
When everybody write me off,
You opened your door,
And even when I break your heart,
You said am worth dying for..
(Ibuchim oo Ekwueme)2x
(Na you dey do me wellu wellu)3x
When I rise, I will rise up to you,
In the times I fall I will fall back to you God,
In you I find expression
what can I do without you,
Kai ne hawa da Sauka na
Yesu ba mai kamar ka , Abagaidunashin. Yeeah
The God whose silence is dangerous, and He?s more than a mighty force, eh eh eh, I no know wetin I do! wey make you love me so! baffle me!
Your the first king, the last king, your my blessing, your main thing in the whole thing!!

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