What Worship is & What it is not!!!

Yesterday one of my disciples who attends an Orthodox Church visited me and shared a testimony of what happened in his church recently. 
He told me he wanted to present a spoken word for the very first time on the last day of their youth week so he asked for a slot. Being a very quiet person, the accepted his request to present with cold feet.

 The meeting was climaxing and he was yet to be called upon for his presentation. He doubted he’d still have the opportunity to present seeing the time left so he visited another church. We had earlier on agreed  to meet there, but I was ministering in another church quite far from where we were supposed to meet..After staying there for a while and my coming was delayed, he got a call from someone  in his church who informed him that he was needed for his presentation so he decided to rush back. As soon as he got to the church, he was called upon as the last presenter before the benediction. 

He started his Spoken Word delivery though a little clumsy and uneasy at the beginning, he gradually gained his composure as he continued.

Everywhere was quiet like midnight, but very lively so you can almost tell that everyone was breathing in the word spoken like Oxygen and before he could wrap it up, people bursted into unknown tongues and prayers and very accurate prophecies began to flow from individuals to individuals exposing sin and the devil, provoking faith, giving hope and igniting an atmosphere of repentance..

This  lasted for over an hour. And elders who wanted to come and stop it got prophecies about their lives and families which they confirmed to be accurate and true so instead of disrupting the flow, the bowed in brokenness and submission to God. Testimonies still abound as I speak from a 19 year old Worshipper’s Spoken Word delivery. It was not just the content of his spoken word that propelled the outburst of the supernatural, His communion life  give life to his delivery and paved way for that wild revival, breaking through what I call a ‘churchianic Protocol’ that restricts the people from experiencing the power behind the Vail.

So what is my point? what am I driving at?

I take a bold stand on this because it is the word of God.

Worship is not even the songs …fast or slow…what defines worship is the quality of the Vessel presenting,whose skill derives sustenance hinging solely on the supernatural (Jesus & the Holy Ghost) and the quality of an honorable vessel lies in living out the Law of God. ”Thou shalt love the LORD THY GOD with all thine……” ..Songs, prayers, and daily routines ,etc, are channels through which a life of worship is expressed …A sanctified Life brings heaven to earth given the slightest opportunity to publicly show what is in their case..even if it’s just a mere closing prayer,offering session or a speech..A lot of what we have around nowadays is too much display of Artistry, void of Spiritual base….so we have too many ‘Circular Gospel’ Preachers, Singers, Dancers, etc. all camouflaged in church so that its even better to go listen to and watch  Circular performances cuz ”Circular Gospel”  is highly dangerous, mal nourishing and void of the supernatural release not because the song is powerless  but because the faith of the vessel is questionable. Beware of Subliminally packaged songs. 

 In short ,we will know whether its worship when we discern the Spirit of the Worshipper.

It’s Wordsmith Benedict Just Making Spiritual Sense!!!!!


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