THERE IS GOD OOOO!!! by Wordsmith


Μy uneducated mother patience Jonathan 
does not speak good English,

but she has produced a PhD holder,

deputy governor vice president and president.
what have you used your Queen’s English to produce? 
You can speak flawless grammar but you can’t stand by a man through tough times. 
You can’t make sacrifices for your children. 
Do you know what it means to support a man through school? 
Even loose women of easy virtues are talking.
And folks who have never felt the weight of responsibility are blabbing at her ‘Linguistic flaws’ 
English is not a criteria for becoming the First lady of Nigeria, 
English is not my Culture.
She has her flaws yeah but whether by crook or by hook, 
she is the God’s Mandate for Nigeria at this time, 
to respond to the pressures of more than 140 million people 
(extremely educated plus uneducated, all and sundry) making demands in different directions. 
If you don’t like her English go get a visa and go to Somalia..
This is my first lady I am proud of her…indeed there is God
He is the one that can make an ‘illiterate’ a first lady above all the

”Educated Queen’s English speaking” ones……

No wonder we don’t get anywhere because 
we hinge our total success in LIFE TO Education….
God plays anticlockwise games to marvel men..and shut them up…

get ready she might just be there in 2015……

”because na walker God go Walker am come put there again”
He raises beggars from the dunghill and sets them among princes,

because the pillars of the earth are His… His Criteria for appointment is Different





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