SUBMIT TO CHANGE AFRICA!!! (fresh spoken word from WORDSMITH)

You call it democracy, but I call it ”DemonCrazy” 
Because the government is only of the people, by the people, 
and for the people during election period.
When the election is over and of course the winners declared,
Democracy is quickly re-defined as ‘government’ of the elected few against 
the voice of the people who elected them, that is not human and also not godly its demonic.
You call it Campaign, but I call it ”champagne Party” 
because we know that some of our representatives if not all
who have been tried and tested, are incapable, corrupt ,incompetent and self-centered,

knowing that their Ideologies are so analog inclined that they cannot fit into this digital age,

we trade a million dollar future for a nickle, because we condition our mind to always thing only from the short-run perspective.
we campaign and some even die in the process, and at the end of the day
we grow leaner than one whose cell is sickle, we are stocked in the same 
rat race again.
We are no different from one who gets himself drunk with champagne
just to forget the troubles and challenges of life, 
Only to wake up to the reality of their existence the next morning.
I call it remaining in the circle where change is imprisoned.
There are some sufferings and pains that we don’t have to go through,
If we reduce sentiments to the barest minimum and see, say and do things from an honest perspective, the realistic TRUE VALUE OF THINGS, bringing to bear Implicit and explicit reasoning and unbiased mindset with proper consultation and research,
we will not be called third world. but we are afraid to be honest,
and that is causing a lot of harm than good, expanding the injury.
In this case to be quiet is to be foolish.
We(AFRICA) feed the world and remains the world’s largest store tapped and untapped
yet we are called third world…… Oh, The Irony 
If checks and balances is worth going by, given the history of the early the emergency of Socio-political economies.
Then I submit that what we now call the tiers of government is just a set up to ease the sharing of the nations’ resources among the polluted few who are suppose to be ambassadors . 
They become so power drunk that they do everything possible to stay and keep their children there so that the statuesque inherited and maintained.

I have never known a government scholarship not because I don’t deserve it.
Its okay not to ask what the government can do for you,but ask what you can do for the government,(J,F Kennedy), but when the ‘government’ has lost her listening ability that is catastrophic.

Should we welcome the unborn and the newly delivered child into this ??? NO!!
You and you, and you and I can do something about this,
I am hereby calling on every woman, am calling on every man, 
The future started yesterday and we are already Late,
stop looking for a leader, the leader is in you.
brighten your little corner, the world can change through you,
the things we do today will either add some value on our tomorrow
or devalue it.
We’ve been eating the same diet for too long, No wonder we are malnourished and shrinking on a fast lane.
When we realize that AFRICA’S PROBLEM Is BLACK not white,
we can heal fast.when the winds of change blow, some people build walls,others build wind mills

I am submitting to pain….as long as its the pain of CHANGE.

I won’t Shut up!!!


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