By  wordsmith
Greatness is in a rag form, it takes God’s wisdom to identify,
but b4 then,despise & rejection is the norm
 but in that well of rejection, mercy justifies,
though sometimes oppressed,but greatness glitters from within,
a little shinning light unseen, but in the nick of time,
like a Chinese Bamboo, it explodes with an aggressive height,
”winks”, greatness is ‘all seen’ greatness!!!
a lifting from a muddy dark well to a conspicuous illuminating seat of wealth,
from a relegating order of despise
& nonacceptance to an indispensable order of importance,
greatness is undeserving.. by human standards,
it is given to those who are unfit,foolish and written Off,
but are spiritually endearing to the Giver,
you don’t need greatness if you are too wise and
full of yourself greatness looks OUT for empty Cup

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