THE BIBLE….You think you know!!!!! (spoken word)

THE BIBLE....You think you know!!!!!  (spoken word)

The Bible, the Book of books
changing crooks to dukes
The only Book that has passed the test of time
and puts time to test.
The Bible, the Spiritually inspired Book of rhymes
putting every yielding heart @ rest.

The Bible, the book of respect
Christ is its main Object,
the Book for all Ages,
Edifying the are its pages,
The Bible, totally divine, totally human,
Holy spirit inspired, yet relayed by man.

The Bible, the only holy book,
the all encompassing Book, the everlasting Book,
the never confusing but fully convincing and convicting Book.
The Bible, the Inspiring book, the healing Book, the empowering Book, the enduring Book,
the beginning Book, the ending Book, the Blessing Book,
The stress relieving Book.
The Bible, the infallible Book, the Indispensable Book,
the miracle Book, the terrible Book, the capable book, the unchangeable Book, the book of History, the Book of Misery,
the Book of glory with realistic spiritual story.

The Bible, the understanding Book, the manual for good cooks, the Book for all designs, the surgery Book,
The master plan for every man,
piercing the hearts of men like sword,
the Bible, the strength of God, the soldiers’ sword,
the Life of God, the word of God,the heart of God,
the breath of God, the POWER of God.

The Bible, the Book of songs, for every tongue,
the Eraser of every wrong, the believers’ manuscript,
applicable in every street,
The Bible, key to unlock heaven’s door, for constant communion and blessings’ out pour.
The Bible, a constitution for heavenly Authorities,
The currency of heaven’s economy for heavenly minded citizens, God principles for Prosperity.

The Bible, the promises of the Universal sheriff concealed ,
the very foundation of our belief revealed,
a justification for the condemned,
A comforting pill for the rejected,
The Bible, an alignment for the derailed,
healing for the afflicted, deliverance for the attacked.

The Bible, the Book for every caliber of people,
it contains up-to -date solutions for all kinds of trouble,
its a lullaby for a crying baby,
strength to the week and feeble,
a befitting spiritual make up for Lasting beauty,
Ladies beware!!!
The Bible, the marketer of God’s POTENCY. and EFFICACY.

The Bible, a seed to the barren, a lift to the fallen,
a relieve to the broken,
the marking scheme for our pilgrim progress,
a narrowing process, a request line for a heart in distress,
the believers’ map, the rap manual,
the pilots compass,
its precepts are binding, its doctrines are Holy,
refreshing are its findings,
it contains light to direct you, food to supply you,
and comfort to cheer you,
the Bible, paradise restored, heaven enclosed,
the gates of hell disclosed,
When it fills the memory, it rules the heart, the Christians’ chart that guides the feet against deceit.

The Bible, a mine of wealth, bringing divine health,
a river of pleasure, bringing Joy without measure,
Many spurn it, ridicule it, attack it, trash it, and even burn it,
Yet it outlives all its critics, It speaks and acts for itself,
a JIHAD is not necessary.
The Bible, transforming to those who (will) receive it,
the miracle for those who believe it,
it is given to you in life, will be opened @ the judgement and be remembered for ever…
So read it Slowly, frequently, prayerfully, faithfully & meditatively……………


Inspired from MC ROY’S piece…..


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