Spoken Word, By WORDSMITHImage 

After going through school to an extensive extent,

I can Infer that going to school don’t necessarily make you Educated,

and you can be Educated without necessarily going to school,
School is just a secular support long suffering mechanism coined out by the society to make us fit into the Societal Rat Race of wages and salary routine, I guess that’s what The Society calls honest living, but by doing that,

are we honestly living when we remain rats,

Instead of the Man we are Formed to be?
We are born with different gens, gifts and abilities,
but is it fair that we are been tested or examined by the same means?

From Junior Secondary school TO Senior Secondary school I WAS solving for ‘X’ only to be almost done with Masters Degree without still finding what ‘X’ is,

But what they often would ask in a Job interview is far from Pythagoras theorem”

Its so painful that My own Children will also Inherit this pathological pathetic process of Solving for ”X” ,

but I will make sure they KNOW WHY and HELP them set their Priorities RIGHT.
You can ask Bill gate and a British Evangelist I just met recently who is travelling the world and Spreading the Gospel virus with the wealth God has blessed him with but yet without going to school,
Now don’t Misunderstand me, I am not Anti- School,
All am trying to say is, don’t drawn your creativity and Gifting that is God given 
in the stagnant river of school because it took Ben Carson the Book of Proverbs and listening to Classical Music to think outside the Books and successfully conduct  record breaking surgeries outside surgery rules and anatomy Books.

Its Okay to Obey the school rules, But most times, obeying the school rules might not give you a clue on how to set your priorities right, Because your priorities will according to the school rule Mislead you, But the truth is twisted because the School rules Mislead you and incarcerates your ”think outside the box ” mentality when the syllabus and the marking scheme is the only right measure of excellence you must subscribe to. So the doctrine of the school rules must be re-emphasized against your Real Identity so that School don’t loose but deeply and sincerely, why they do is for the benefit of ”Society”, they don’t care about You.
That’s why the School can only teach you how to work for the ”society” for a monthly wage or salary”,
but Creative instincts and the Gift of God Educates you on how to get the society to work for you.
Finally, I conclude that Education really don’t need a certificate to showcase It is self announcing and self providing, upgrading and best fitting for every climatic surrounding, But the school suffers from what I call the Disease of Lunacy,and I don’t see an overhauling any time soon, I hope you break free without rebelling,

A mind revolution will do!!!!


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