Seasons define themselves to us

In Line with our individual purpose on earth.

To some people, it is a season for breakthrough, to some ,it’s a season to go through,to some, it’s a season to break-even, to some it’s a season to take a stand, and to some, it’s a season to break loose……………….

Whatever the  season is for you, it don’t really matter…

In order to be an all rounder DOMINANT FORCE, YOU must to be connected to THE DOMINANT SOURCE, and that is what matters.

Because staying connected to the Dominant Source produces a DOMINANT Thought which is a repellent of every Contrary and Inferior Thought.

A Dominant Thought produces a Dominant Action and a Dominant Action produces a Dominant Outcome, and a Dominant Outcome produces a Dominant Story Line, and a Dominant Story Line in turn Produces a Dominant Overflow of Inspiration, and this produces a Dominant corresponding reaction, this reaction produces a A DOMINANT OVERWHELMING MIGHTY ARMY……

Your script for domination was written before the world began. We are meant to Just act it out . Usually, Our inability to Play the specific role bears to the fact that we choose to go on break at some point,  dinning on the contrary and the opportunity cost of the choice we made is Loosing touch with the DOMINANT SOURCE. Who is your source? Is he a DOMINANT SOURCE? DO YOU HAVE A SOURCE? If you You must be a good actor of your life’s script you Must subscribe to the Directors manual and Instructions. THERE IS ONLY ONE DOMINANT SOURCE….ALL OTHERS ARE SUBSTANDARD..

In fact they are affected by the Law of Diminishing Returns.


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