Nothing is stable in the universe

people come into our lives to stay and leave,

Like days come and go,

Friends turn to enemies, and enemies turn to friends

but there’s one who will never drift, He is the BIG DEAL

an overpowering wheel,the universal sheriff

The master piece of our believe,

The  heart of the matter, the Answer

He is the truth of the matter, Encarta has no clue

He’s type is hard to find like the cure for aids,

He’s far beyond hypothesis testing and Experiments,

the result he gives cannot beats every laboratory test results

He is symmetric and asymmetric  at the same time..

Many try to be like him, but the couldn’t die on the cross,

not to talk of resurrecting, So all they do is trying to copy HIM

He’s the only one who has a greater name cuz he paid the price,

You wanna be great, then pay the deuce,

refuse to be used, as the devil’s accomplice

by constantly looking unto Jesus and crying ABBA FATHER,

SO that His words is imprinted in your heart like tattoo,

calling every worldly pleasure a taboo

what makes us indispensable elements

the world cannot do without is dependent on the knowledge of how  vulnerable

We are to God…….



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