Working outside purpose is a disaster…..
Call it Pride or whatever!!! 
Jesus was steady on His purpose and He was called names 
BUT HE STAYED THERE ..Image SO WHY NOT ME!!!. Don’t trade purpose for anything except God Himself ..But one thing I have Known is God is not a ‘Confussionist’ because HE Knows that OUTSIDE HIS PURPOSE FOR YOU THERE IS NO PEACE AND FULFILLMENT.. Anything or anyone that will not align you with purpose don’t deserve your association….Don’t negotiate your purpose with anybody. The devil can use anyone to lure you out of purpose, BE SENSITIVE TO THE SPIRIT OF GOD TO KNOW WHEN SOMETHING IS
Its okay for people to say you are proud,
Crazy or Stubborn Because you refuse to do the Obvious .
Remember that every test, training, Mentor-ship,
Discipleship…you go through must be such that gradually unveils ,
prepare and enlightens you about your purpose or
else run away from anything in the contrary.
Nowadays, Churches are in the business of
just using and dumping..without caring about the
respective purpose of The FLOCKS in their fold as
long as the routines continue all is well they say ..
Some lives are more Miserable in Church than those outside ….
because of Bias doctrines,laws rules methods established by man……
But was that the original design?selah ..
”’ Everything WE do outside purpose is a waste of
time and We all will account for it …
As I speak these words in writing I speak to myself toooo…..
The Eagle is target specific.
.IT don’t fly by guessing……….
The place of purpose is the  only Place
where nobody takes the glory for the
spot light on you..because The spot light is directly
from heaven and no one can put it off.
.!!!!Nothing in This life is worth purpose….
.This is my take on it…..and I stand there!!



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