By Wordsmith Benedict & Stacy Noshiah Gwirize

Is SILENCE really silent??
Now you are quiet
So is that what you call Silence?
It’s not just enough to call Quiet SILENCE
because there’s more that ‘stands beneath the surface’
Beneath the surface, is a constant contention between good and evil
where the ‘MIND is the Battle Ground’.
SILENCE vacates the external world and ignites from within a contention
so that compromise is reached, either out of friction,on pressure or persuasion,
and the outcome or the output which becomes our ‘code of public identification’ is
either a sound of victory,a permanent scare of rapid progression or a cry of defeat and constant retrogression.
The contention in the Mind Is what I guess we call ”THINKING”
Is thinking always right or wrong, does it make one great or worse off?
Originally, there was no Good or Bad but THINKING MADE/MAKES it so
So are you still trying to figure out what Silence is?
Is it absolutely Peaceful?
You’d be sinking if that’s what you’re thinking
But has it occur to you that SILENCE CAN BE NOISY,
This is the conclusion of the matter, Silence in my own opinion is like an empty disc,whatever you record on it
Plays back the exact content of what was Intended in the ”Compromise room”.
The only difference this time is that it’s not hidden anymore Every one can listen to or make do with what SILENCE HAS produced GOOD OR BAD!!!…..I guess that’s what we call LEGACY !!!!
copyrights authorization by Word&Sound Practical Institute


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